So, it is here! My novel.

Hello, hello! Just as I promised, I will post my novel to my wordpress starting today. I will update about once or twice a week. Thank you for your companionship!

The year is 2015, and the denizens of Halcyon are about to welcome the 20th resurrection of demon lord Samundo with cakes ( possibly), swords, and sorceries. However, in truth, all they do is pretending to panic. How can anyone take the demon lord seriously if all it does is being unfailingly vanquished ? Plus, this time, they may have the help of the chosen one, a being that guarantees their victory. Who can be worried? Obviously, people who are not blind to the truth for millennia.

Hiatus Sovanno, Aria Tansine and Wander, three 15-year-old demon hunters have always expected to die before they even see Samundo with their own eyes. They are more concerned with bullies, exams, and job opportunities than with his return. This is a story about how they unknowingly deal with the mess that thousands of deluded generations have burdened them with, about how individuals can help save the world even if they are not the chosen ones, and about how the three end the vicious circle called eternity.


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